Religious Education

Religious Education at Witton provides children with a safe space to critically reflect on their own religious, spiritual and philosophical convictions. It allows the children to develop their own faith and allows them to appreciate and value what it means to be a positive member of a diverse and multicultural community, through the study of a variety of religions. RE helps to develop children’s understanding of Christianity as a living world religion through the exploration of key theological concepts and engaging with biblical texts.  The subject will introduce our children to a range of disciplines including theology, philosophy and human social sciences. 


At our school we have in place a two year rolling programme which has originated from the Diocese Primary plans for teaching Religious Education. Each term the children start their journey of learning through the concept with an over arching question, which they then respond to at the end of their learning of this concept.  The lessons which then follow support the children in developing their understanding of the concept through: making links to their own beliefs and experiences, exploring the bible and other important religious texts, asking questions and recording their responses. 

Christian Concepts

The concepts covered in our RE curriculum include: God, Good News, Christian Community, Incarnation, Salvation, Kingdom of God, Discipleship, Holy Spirit, Creation and World Religion.


Visits to Places of Worship


Rolling program year

Place of worship




St Helens Church, Northwich

Year 1/2





Jewish Synagogue



Chester Cathedral


Year 3/4









Year 5/6




Hindu- Ganesh Temple









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