What is the role of the Governing Body?


Every school has a governing body, it is legally responsible for the operation of the school including staff appointments, school budget, health and safety, safeguarding, maintaining the school buildings and equipment and monitoring the school’s performance.

The governing body has three key roles:

1) A strategic role: alongside the head teacher and school leadership team deciding on the areas which the school should focus on to improve and provide the best possible education for our children.

2) A monitoring role: to be fully aware of the attainment and progress made by the children in our school and how this compares with other schools and to hold the school to account for the attainment and progress of all pupils.

3) A financial role: to ensure the financial resources are well managed and are being used effectively to improve pupil progress and attainment.

There is a meeting of the Full Governing Body at least once each term however to operate effectively, some of the work of the governing body is delegated to sub-committees. Each governor is a member of at least one sub-committee. Meetings of each sub-committee also take place once every term. Further information about the role and membership of each sub-committee can be found on the ‘Governors’ pages of the school website.

If you wish to see the minutes of any governor meeting please ask at the school office.