‘Where Every Door Is Open And Every Gift Unlocked’


*If you would like any of the following policies translated into a different language or paper copies of policies, then please contact the school office

Code of Conduct

 All members of this school are valued equally.

  • Whether child or adult,
  • boy or girl.
  • Whatever they look like,
  • house they live in,
  • their family unit,
  • they can or cannot do,
  • Regardless of age, race, gender, religion or culture.
  • Whichever or whatever God they pray to.
  • However they speak.
  • Wherever they were born.

When talking to each other, we will show respect for each other as individuals.

Racist and sexist comments, name calling and bad language are unacceptable, as is unkind teasing.

Aggressive or violent behaviour is unacceptable at all times.

We respect for each others' property and that of our community inside and outside the school.

Through tolerance and acceptance we can strive for ‘Everyday Excellence’ throughout our school community.


**Attendance Policy 2021** 
‘Our attendance policy is currently being reviewed with the full Governors body in the light of returning to school and COVID still potentially significantly impacting on your children’s attendance.  Thank you for your patience at this time.  I will email it out on the 12th November once the amendments have been agreed and put in place.’ Mrs Magiera 

** For our Behaviour Policy please see our Relationship Policy**

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