Message to parents

I know that you will have concerns regarding your child's progress within learning, but as I stated in my letter (dated 20th March) please do not worry.  I would like to reiterate again that at the present time the safety and wellbeing of everyone is paramount and of the upmost importance.  Please remember we are here to support you.  If you click on the wellbeing tab there are also lots of resources,websites and helplines should you wish to use them.

The E-safety page on our website is updated each week as well so please do look at it for vital tips for keeping your children safe online.

That being said, we have put together 4 weeks' worth of activities for each Key Stage group along with resources to accompany these to help parents continue their children's learning at home.  All activities link to prior learning so the children can consolidate and reinforce what they know, there are also some tiny bits of new learning which is based on the skills the children would have been studying at school during this time.  Our priority is that the children consolidate and embed learning they have already completed so it is secure and we can build upon this when it is safe for us to return.

Early Years Children - My ealry years' staff will be uploading activities onto Tapestry, please keep checking this and remember to pop a photo ot two so your child's teacher can see what they have been up to.  I am sure they will want to reply!

There is no obligation for children to undertake all, or indeed any of the activities, however they are there as a guide for parents wishing to continue to facilitate their childrens' learning whilst not at school.  Please be aware that BBC have produced their own space, please follow this link if you would like to use it  www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize and also Oak Wood Academy, again here is the link should you prefer to use this https://www.thenational.academy Both are of high quality and are an additional option for you to use should you prefer.

IMPORTANT - You will notice that we have put in free time during what would have been the school day, physical activity time and some mindfulness time - if you do not feel that the curriculum areas are for you or your children at the moment then please do open these links and have a go as a family, your health and wellbeing are of paramount importance at this time and these little activities will support this.

All subjects have activities which are on the internet and also some which are not, some practical but most of all we have tried to ensure that they are fun, hands on practical tasks.  We would be delighted to see how you are getting on, please tweet your class page, or on my page or the school twitter account.

Thank you.