‘Where Every Door Is Open And Every Gift Unlocked’

Our Vision

Governors, parents and school staff worked together to agree a vision for Witton Church Walk Primary School which they felt was represented in the following quotation…

‘Where Every Door is Opened and Every Gift is Unlocked’'

At Witton we are a partnership of school, church, home, the Diocese and community.  We create a stimulating and caring environment, grounded in Christian belief and practice, so that all members of our school community can flourish.  We all appreciate and value what it means to be a positive member of a diverse and multicultural community.  Time is taken to value and nurture each child educationally, creatively and spiritually.  Children and staff are encouraged to aim for ‘Everyday Excellence’ and believe in themselves.  Understanding and valuing their self-worth and the importance of their place and purpose in our community to be the person they are fully capable of being.


In addition we commend the following statements with the aim that they will be shared by everyone at Witton Church Walk Aided CofE Primary School.

  • To aim to fullfill our ambitions by having high expectations of ourselves and others each day.

  • To fully recognise achievements of all kinds to ensure all members of the school community take confidence in their individual abilities and life-long learning becomes a positive path to follow.

  • To provide excellence in the quality of learning every day in all areas of our flexible curriculum, inspiring children and each other to become confident and independent leaders in their learning, producing work of the highest standards with an underlying belief that they can succeed.

  • To build a sense of community where everyone feels valued equally, safe and happy inside and outside the classroom.

  • To nurture the spiritual and moral development of all members of our school community in the belief that everyone should, through experiences and opportunities, share these with others.

  • To positively understand and respect the belief that all individuals are of equal worth, whatever age, ability, gender, race, background or faith.

  • To play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and to the wider community.  In so doing we help to develop their self-worth.

  • To encourage the school community to recognise and take responsibility for their behaviour, the impact it has on others and the consequences that some choices may bring by modelling positive behaviour and attitudes underpinned by Christian Values.  Matthew 9:36

  • To engage those with parental responsibility in the education of their children in order to facilitate a strong partnership between home and school to make positive choices.  Through this unity in partnership we will ensure that their child’s basic needs and aspiration are met.

  • To create a safe, welcoming, inclusive, positive and stimulating environment for children, visitors and our whole school community.

  • To promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle which encompasses physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • To ensure that children and staff are motivated and fulfilled, so that they enjoy school life.

  • To reflect and evaluate to allow us to deliver a curriculum which meets the needs of our community by exciting and stimulating the whole school community.  We will endeavour to fully encompass our fundamental British values and the requirements of the National Curriculum.

  • To provide time for children and adults to reflect on daily life through worship and the impact this may have on fullfilling their lives.

Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Mark 12:31

Our Christian Values are:



Valuing Creation







Values of Self

And Others








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