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"New technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people in today’s society, both within schools and in their lives outside school. The internet and other digital and information technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. However, with new opportunities come risks to be aware of..."


At Witton Church Walk C of E Primary School, we take Internet Safety very seriously and strive to ensure that our children are provided with opportunities to engage with new technologies in a safe and secure environment where their safety is paramount. We encourage them to take ownership of their own learning and teach them how they can help to keep themselves safe online by reducing the potential risks that come with internet technology. 



Our school has a devoted eSafety Committee. This group includes:

A group of children in Key Stage Two

An Online Safety Govenor 

A Pupil Computing Lead

Miss Simcock (Computing and eSafety Lead)


We are dedicated to educating the children in our school about both the benefits  that the internet can provide and also the associated risks to be aware of so that all children in our school are 'E-Smart' when it comes to Internet Safety.


The eSafety Committee are responsible for:


  • The production / review / monitoring of the school Online Safety Policy / documents.
  • Mapping and reviewing the online safety / digital literacy curricular provision – ensuring our eSafety curriculum and digital literacy opportunities are exciting, invierating and offer breath for all of our children
  • Monitoring network / internet / incident logs
  • Consulting stakeholders – questioning  parents / carers and the pupils about the online safety provision
  • Self-reviewing our strengths and weakness' in our eSafety education, policies, procedures 


Witton Church Walk recognises our responsibility to give our children the best tools to make informed decisions whilst using the internet. Our eSafety curriculum is formed through:

  • A planned programme of assemblies 
  • Visits from our local police officers
  • A planned eSafety curriculum for KS1 (digidog lessons) and KS2 (Internet Legends)
  • Encrichement eSafety Day 
  • Internet Safety work weaved throughout our creative curriculum/ research work
  • Work through our PSHCE curriculum specially online bullying 
  • Our KS1 and KS2 Acceptable Use Agreement 



Our Current Initiatives: 

Thursday 19th May 2020 - IMPORTANT NOTICE 

We appreciate that at a time of homeschooling you may be concerned about the risks regarding eSafety. Please find information and top tips on how to keep your child safe online during this period of time. 


Please find some useful links below to support your children in staying safe online:


Internet Matters Parent Guides for various ages:

Age 0-5 Guide Age 6-10 Guide Age 11-13 Guide


A child friendly website that provides tips and advice on how to stay safe online. This may be useful for children to visit before they complete their first online activity.


Digital Parents Magazine 

Please find a Digital Parent Magazine attached - this magazine has current advice to keep your children safe online:

Click Here: Magazine


Research projects 

We advise that you use the websites endorsed on class pages and when children are during research based tasks they google the given topic and follow with "for children." For Example, "Ancient Greek infomation for children."



Recreational Use of Technology 

As always, whilst a home your children may be using digital devies for recreational uses. Please find parent information guides for a variety of home devices below:


A Parent’s guide to using Faebook safely:


Parental Protection Games Console Guidelines:

Apple eSafety Guide

Nintendo Switch Guide

Wii Console Guide

Xbox family Guide

Xbox 360 Safety Guide

Xbox One Guide

PS4 Guide



Advice on Parental Controls 

In school, we have a variety of filtering systems to ensure that any inappropiate content is blocked. Below is a link with advice on how to set up parental control on your electronic devices. The children are aware to click off anything inappropiate that 'pops up' on the screen. The protocol in school would be to tell an adult if something on the screen has distressed them. Please remind them during online based activities to continue to follow this procedure at home, letting an adult know if this has occured.

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