Eco Council

We are proud to present our fresh-faced, brand new Eco Council members for 2019 - 2020. We are ready for action!

The Eco Council work together behind the scenes of our school to make sure we are always caring for our environment.

We fly our Green Flag with pride, awarded by 'Eco Schools' for our continued dedication to learning in a more sustainable environment.  Each year group is represented onthe council, voted in by their classmates and meet regularly to discuss Eco ideas.

To date we have been part of so many projects...building a greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles, designing and building a composter, planting flowers for the birds and butterflies to enjoy, making bird feeders, switching our lights off to save energy, making a recycling point to collect plastic and paper and collecting used clothes.  The list is endless, and the Eco Council are proud to be behind all of these school-changing projects.  I wonder what our new Eco Council will focus on?


This term we have been getting to grips with our ECO-AUDIT, in our meetings we have been discussing the audit questions about each of the themes included in the Eco Schools programme, these are:

  • biodiveristy
  • energy
  • global citizenship
  • healthy living
  • litter
  • marine
  • school grounds
  • transport
  • waste and water.


We have been looking at ways to make our school plastic free.  'Surfers Against Sewage' have lots of information and advice about helping us to become a plastic free school.

Eco Council thought that this would be an ideal way to help us focus on the new 'marine' theme in the Eco Schools programme.

We have already started to reduce plastic waste in school by replacing small individual plastic cartons of milk for Reception and Nursery children with milk poured from 4 pint cartons poured into re-usable plastic beakers.

Last year we surveryed how much plastic was in our packed lunch boxes and asked families to consider reducing single-use plastic,for example by using a re-usable sandwich box or using recyclable foil rather than cling film to wrap sandwiches.

We will continue to work on this topic, including contacting our local 'Love my River' project to see what we can do to stop plastic pollution entering our river and finding its way to the sea!


As part of our campaign, Eco Council decorated a Christmas tree at the St Helens Christmas Tree Festival.  Our tree was plastic free; at our after school Eco Club we made decorations from recycled foil, recycled wrapping paper, cardboard tubes and pine cones.  We also asked our local Council Recycling Officer for some leaflets to leave next to our tree which visitors could take to help them reduce their use of single-use plastics.


~~Message Board~~


We are now collecting the following items for the writing instruments recycling programme - mechanical pencils, correction fluid, fountain pens & ink cartridges.

We are delighted that our school has become a 'Bic Community Champion' by offering to collect old writing instruments  which are then sent for recycling.  The scheme is run in association with a company called Terracycle and BIC pens and the collection box is in the schoolreception area.  All writing instruments (except for wooden pencils and chalk) are accepted; any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen can be put in our collection box.

The Eco Council is inviting any local schools, companies or members of the comunity to bring in any old pens etc. which will then be collected and sent for recycling.  Any funds raised from the scheme will be given to the PTA.

We have also signed up to be a collection point for the KP Snack Packets Recycling Scheme.

Collect any brand of crisps, popcorn or pretzel packets, make sure they are empty and put them into the special container in the school entrance and the Eco Council will send them off for recycling.  Thank you!


Energy News

Eco councillors looked at some charts which showed that the amountof energy we use has fallen compared to the same period last year.  We thought that this fall was due to our new LED lights which were installed in school during the summer holidays in 2018.  The LED lights use much less energy than the old lights.  Some of the new lights also have special sensors  which mean that they turn off automatically if ther is no-one in the room, for example in the corridors and toilets.

Our Site Manager, Mr Talbot, locks the school everynight and he has to check each classroom.  He has noticed that teachers sometimes leav computers and whiteboards on. Eco councillors need to remind teachers to look at the eco-checklist that is in each classroom and turn everything off before they go home!

Recycling and Rubbish

A new company has been collecting our rubbish since Easter 2019, they have special machines which will sort all our waste and make sure we are recycling as much as possible.

Last summer the Eco Council were lucky enough to visit the local recycling centre in Winsford which is run by the Kier Group.  At the site they have an amazing educational classroom that scvhools in Cheshire West can visit.  Here we learnt so much, particularly about all the household items that can be recycled, and we did this via an interactive magnetic wall!


Looking After Our Wildlife

During the cold months, we have been making sure that our wild birds are fit and healthy by filling up the bird feeders and making sure there is plenty of water available.

We took part in the 'Big Garden Birdwatch' at the end of January and submitted our findings to the RSPB.  They will collate all the results from schools and families and analyse the data to build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK.

We have had an email to thank us for 'being part of something HUGE!'


Every week in Celebration Assembly, our mascot 'Eco Bear' is awarded to the classroom that has shown how environmentally aware they are.

The Eco Council are always looking out for classes that have gone above and beyond the guidelines of our svhool eco code and woork hard on the 5 R's - refuse, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.








We have contacted Northwich's very own 'plastic free' shop - Weigh of the World - to arrnage for our Eco Council to visit them.  We can't wait to see how they help their customers to reduce their use of single-use plastics!

Our plans in school are on hold as our school closes due to the Coronavirus pandemic and we stay at home and stay safe.

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