Eco Council

We are proud to present our fresh-faced, brand new Eco Council members for 2017-2018. We are ready for action!

The Eco Council work together behind the scenes of our school to make sure we are caring for our environment at all times.

We fly our Green Flag with pride, awarded by 'Eco-Schools' for our continued dedication to learning in a more sustainable environment. Each year group is represented on the council, voted in by their classmates and meet regularly discuss Eco ideas.

To date we have been a part of so many projects... building a greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles, designing and building a composter, planting wildlife flowers for the birds and butterflies to enjoy, making bird feeders, switching our lights off to save energy, making a recycling point to collect plastic and paper, collecting used clothes, cleaning up Northwich with a Womble... The list is endless and the Eco Council are proud to be behind all of these school-changing projects.


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We are now collecting the following items for the writing instruments recycling programme - mechanical pencils, correction fluid, fountain pens & ink cartridges.







What are we working on?

enlightenedLooking after our wildlife

During the cold months, we have been making sure that our wild birds are fept fit and healthy by filling up the birdfeeders and making sure water is available. 

We took part in the 'Big Garden Birdwatch' at the end of January and submitted our findings to the RSPB. They will collate all of the results from schools and families and analyse the data to build a picture of garden wildlife accross the UK. 

We have had an email to thank us for 'being part of something HUGE!


We spotted many birds in our wildlife garden, including the ones pictured here. 


enlightenedSwitching off - Reducing our carbon footprint.

Our main focus this year is to  reduce our electricity consumption. Mrs Fozard and the Eco Council will be taking weekly meter readings to keep a close eye on the amount of electricity we are using. The results they gather will be displayed on the Eco Council Notice Board where the children will be able to clearly see whether we have consumed MORE or LESS electricity compared to the previous week. The children know that in order to save electricity (and money) we need to remember to SWITCH OFF electrical items that we are not using! These are mainly:

 Air Conditioning     Lights     Computer Screens     Projectors     White Boards  

 We hope that in making the children are more ecologically aware at school, they will take ideas home to help save electricity and money there as well!


enlightenedTravel to School 

Don't forget our travel to school survey... walking to school is better for your body, the environment and your purse!. Try to leave your car at home whenever you can.

enlightenedECO BEAR!

Every week in Celebration Assembly our mascot, 'Eco Bear' is awarded to the classroom that has shown how environmentally aware they are. The Eco Council are always looking out for classes that have gone above and beyond the guidelines of our school Eco Code and are working hard to save electricity, reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.


Minutes from meetings...


Eco Meeting 25/1/17

Discussion points:

  • Litter picking
  • Big School Birdwatch
  • Pets at Home
  • Looking after our wildlife


Litter picking - Eco Council to remember to bring their wellies in to school so that we can access all areas of the playground.

Big School Birdwatch - Resources on the way, ordered from the RSPB. Children suggested borrowing some binoculars to help us see the birds.

Pets at home - We discussed booking a session with Pets at Home to learn more about looking after our wild birds. Mrs Fozard will organise a visit.

Looking after our wildlife - We discussed how difficult it was to get to our birdfeeders as the wildlife garden is a bit overgrown with brambles. The Eco Council will talk to Mr Lambert to ask if he could help with cutting these back. 






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